Information Technology
Most of the L&R’s vehicles had being implemented with Geographical Vehicle Tracking System(“GPS”). This allows our Logistics Department to track and communi-cate to the vehicle on real time basics. This system will allow us:-
Prevent hijacking
• Allowing more intelligence deployment of
  fleet/manpower and increase fleet performance
• Provide better service to the customers
• Monitoring driver behaviour by reporting bad habits
  such as speeding, over-rewing or excessive
  inter-trip idling
• Identify driver for additional training to improve safety
  and reduce liability cost
Apart from above, the Group has currently planned to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning System(“ERP”), which comprises of:-
• E-fulfillment
• Distribution
• Workshop/Depot and Inventory Management
• Warehouse Management
• Finance and Human Resources
The ERP system will eventually interface with the GPS system and allow:-
• Optimum utilization of the resources in term of vehicle
  and human resource
• Reduce the procurement cost
• To provide better and enhance services to the
This cutting edge technology is one of our strong marketing tools to build customers loyalty and also penetrate new market.